Harmonyx Test for ADHD

Medication Effectiveness
A new ADHD diagnosis leads to a lot of scary questions. Will my prescription work? Is the medication addictive?  How long does it take to get ADHD under control?

Unfortunately, when the questions start to cast doubt on ADHD medication effectiveness, the situation gets even more frightening for many families.

  • Why is Adderall not working?
  • Why is Ritalin not working?
  • Why is Vyvanse not working?

When you’re feeling the frustration of multiple doctor visits or the helplessness of watching your child suffer, medication trial-and-error should not be your treatment plan.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait around for answers. Your pharmacist can give you or your loved one the Harmonyx Test for ADHD. With a simple swab, you can learn which prescriptions are the most effective for you, based on your genetic information.  Based on your test results, your pharmacist can work with your physician to find the best treatment choice for you.

Click here for a full listing of drugs included on the Harmonyx genetic testing for ADHD.